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August 19, 2013
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Warning: Contains vore if you don't like it, don't read it.

In the Sinnoh region, Oreburgh City, the city of the excavation and restoration of fossils, there was a boy named Quinn who lived with his parents in a small house near to the pokemon center. His father was a Pokemon trainer and his mother was a breeder Pokemon in Solaceon Town. Quinn liked many pokemon and even playing with the pokemon of his father, when his father was digging jewelry or special objects with his exploration kit. His father had a female Armaldo in daycare where his mother worked, so he took his Garchomp and Staraptor to his son and they went to Solaceon town to find the egg. A few hours later, they arrived at Solaceon town, a quiet village where peace is felt by all the town. The two pokemon landed  in the entry of the pokemon center of Solaceon  town and his father returned his pokemon inside of their pokeballs. His mother was very busy taking care of the pokemon daycare, so at the entrance of the daycare center there was an old man with an egg in his both hands.

“Hello, are you the trainer of the female Armaldo?” asked the old man.
“Yes, I am. I come to collect my egg.” says Quinn's father.
“Okay, go talk to my wife. Incidentally, his Armaldo is very affectionate with us and with the other breeders.” says the old man.
“Oh, thank you. Quinn could you  take care of the egg? I have to go to pay for the days that have been my Armaldo in the Creche.” says his father to his son.
“Yes, daddy” says Quinn .
“Be right back” says his father.

The old man gave the egg to Quinn and his father went to the daycare center to pay. Minutes later returned home and Quinn was in charge of the egg until his mother was finished and arrived from work. At dusk, his mother came with a wounded pokemon. His parents cured him and gave him some food and water to regain strength. The injured was a Cranidos. The pokemon starts to eat the food that Quinn's parents had offered and Quinn was looking at the pokemon. The Cranidos stops eating and stared to him with his ​​eyes. Quinn extended his hand for touch him and was approaching him a bit a bit. The pokemon continues still watching Quinn's hand closer and closer until he felt his warm hand on her head. Quinn's parents were surprised because the Cranidos not attacks his son. Cranidos smiled slightly and looked like that Quinn was surprised. After that, the Cranidos recovers the force and decided to rest. Quinn and his family had dinner and were talking about the wounded Cranidos.

“Where you found this pokemon, honey?” asked her husband.
“I found him fighting with a Luxio's group and was wounded by the attacks. So I decided to help with my Lopunny and I could rescued to the pokemon” says his mother.
“You might someone have left him in the forest?” asked his father.
“No, it was a wild pokemon.” says his mother.
“Honey, you know that to have a Cranidos,  you must go to the Oreburgh museum to get it? I think it has been abandoned.” says his mother.
“The question that I have in my head is: Why Cranidos hasn't attacked to our son?” asked his mother
“It can be for our kindness to him and seeing to Quinn has had faith in us.” says his father.
“He can stay at home?” asked Quinn because he was silent all through dinner.
“I don't know, honey. We have to talk and watch how it behaves with the other pokemon” says his mother
“Ok... I go to sleep” says Quinn.
“Good night” says his father

The next day, her mother went to work, while his father was caring her pokemon and yours. Quinn woke up and went to wash my face, then went to the kitchen where are all the pokemon from their parents and Cranidos. Cranidos was a little removed of them, was very shy and when someone approaches to him he runs and hides. His father prepared the lunch and fed him all the pokemon. Quinn as he ate, he watched the Cranidos if he made ​​friends with the other pokemon. His father is coming with the food for him but  Cranidos, is hides behind the sofa. Quinn had finished his lunch and decided to help his father.

“Daddy, why don't you give the food to the other pokemon? I'll take care of him.“ says Quinn.
“Ok, be careful” says his father.

His father gave his food bowl for Cranidos and Quinn sat on the floor with Cranidos's food .

“Come, Cranidos, I have something good for you” says Quinn showing his bowl food.

Cranidos looks curious by Quinn and began to get closer to Quinn.

“Looks tasty, why you do not try to eat a bit?” says Quinn, grabbing the food and extending his hand with food on it.

The Cranidos was near to Quinn and the pokemon sniffs the food he had in his hand. Quinn looked how the pokemon sniffs the food and Cranidos eats a bit to prove. Quinn stayed quiet for a while and his father looked for if anything happened. The Cranidos smiled and eats more food until Quinn's hand was completely clean. Quinn was laughed as Cranidos was licking his hand by the aroma of food. Quinn was stood up and took the food bowl, where all the pokemon were eating. The Cranidos timidly, approached to the group of pokemon and began to eat with the others, talking and making new friends. The hours passed and Cranidos was already part of the family. All were playing with him and they had fun with Cranidos, while the Quinn's father was doing his house tasks. The night came and his mother arrives from work, where his family and  pokemon welcomed her. After eating a delicious dinner of his mother, Quinn was going to the bed. When he's going to sleep, Cranidos was scratching at the door. His mother was still awake, opened the door and Cranidos entered to the Quinn's bedroom . Quinn was surprised and hugs his friend.

“You want sleep with me?” asked Quinn to Cranidos.

Cranidos nods with his head and licked one of his hands. Quinn laughs by Cranidos's tongue that makes tickles and the pokemon began to lick his face. Quinn no stops laughing until his Cranidos, suddenly opened his mouth and over swallows his head in a one bite.

“Cranidos, what are you doing? Take off your mouth out of my head!” shouted Quinn. His voice was muffled inside Cranidos's mouth and his parents not heard him.

“Get me out of here, I'm not food!” shouted Quinn trying to react to Cranidos of what he was doing.

Cranidos lifted his head and Quinn's body was raised to the air. Quinn was struggling inside Cranidos's mouth, screaming for help but it was useless. Cranidos licked Quinn's face with his tongue purring for his taste and was enjoying his friend. Cranidos devours his shoulders and torso, leaving only his legs out of his mouth. Quinn felt as his saliva covered his entire body and the walls of his throat, was making him massage your body. Cranidos devour his legs and with a big gulp, pushed Quinn in his stomach. Quinn goes through his throat and Quinn falls into his stomach. Quinn started kicking his stomach to get it out of here. Cranidos gave a small burp and he lays down in Quinn's bed, stroking his stomach  with their tiny claws. Quinn wanted out of there and continued kicking inside of his stomach.

“Cranidos, why you are doing this? I thought we were friends ...” says Quinn a bit sad.
“Is that we are friends.” says a male voice in his mind.
“What the!? Is anyone here?” asked Quinn, touching Cranidos's stomach walls.
“It's me, Cranidos!” says the male voice
“Cranidos, please get me out of here, why you do this?” asked Quinn toCranidos.
“I wanted to meet you. Sorry.” says Cranidos.
“I'm scared” says Quinn.
“Don't worry, I will not hurt you. I just want to protect you.” says Cranidos.
“They will going out of the house if my parents see you've eaten me..” says Quinn.
“Tomorrow I spit you out, I promise.” says Cranidos.
“By the way, your stomach is very comfortable but is a bit hot for me.” says Quinn
“Thank you ... tomorrow you explain to your parents and let them decide” says Cranidos.
“Are you sure?” asked Quinn
“Yes, don't worry” says Cranidos.

Quinn finally relaxed in his stomach and fell asleep for his beating of his heart. The next morning, Quinn woke up in his bed covered in  saliva while Cranidos sleeps peacefully beside him. Quinn went to the bathroom, took off his pajama and took a quick shower to remove the stink from the saliva of Cranidos. After a refreshing shower, Quinn is put his bathrobe and goes to her room to change. Cranidos woke up and saw Quinn that was leaving of the room. His parents were sitting at the table something serious and Quinn feared the worst, so he decided to sit down to talk with their parents. The conversion took hours to Quinn and decided to tell the secret. His parents were surprised and wanted to take out to Cranidos of the house, for trying to harm his son. Quinn defended his best friend that he had to protect. When his son hugged to Cranidos, they decided to keep it because they had a strong friendship. Many years passed and Cranidos and Quinn decided to start a new adventure and meet new friends through the region of Sinnoh.

Request for :iconthunderthearchen: I hope that you like it.
Cranidos: Pokémon © Nintendo
Quinn: :iconthunderthearchen:
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RyuumaruOrochi Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2013 big is cranidos?
DarkAmphy Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2013
I dunno. When I 'm writing I have a lot of imagination.
RyuumaruOrochi Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2013
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DarkAmphy Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2013
nope that vore story is about cranidos.
starfighter101 Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2013
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DarkAmphy Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2013
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Pokevorevore Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2013
I like it, however I have a quick question: are you not used to english or are you just clumsy with your keyboard cause there are a lot of grammer mistakes :(
DarkAmphy Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013
This is my answer: First, if you think that I'm clumsy, why you read my stories? I'm spanish. First I write my stories in my original language and after I translate my stories in English.  If you like this story why you say that? If you not like the mistakes is look like that you only likes the "perfect" grammar. I'm difficulties with that language, the next time no put this if you don't like my stories with grammar mistakes, I have a lot of efforts for try to do my best and if is the only reason that because there are mistakes in my stories, you thinks that I don't know writing stories in this language. I understand if you don't like the grammar mistakes in a story. That story is in Spanish in my gallery and is the same story. Use the translator and put almost the same but I change a lot of words for that makes sense in this story and you understand the efforts that I made. When I talking with someone I try to not use the translator. Thank you for read my story.
Pokevorevore Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013
I'm sorry, I didn't mean it offensivly I can hardly spell myself, and seeing your awesome stories, I was a bit surprised at the grammer I'm sorry if I offended you ;(
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